RoomCR6 2015 Rebrand

Things looking different? It’s finally here!!

We have been quietly working away in the studio over the last month on the 2015 rebrand of RoomCR6. We decided to revamp our look this past summer and took our time to create a new brand that we felt covered the essence of RoomCR6.

The previous RoomCR6 branding has stayed the same since the beginnings of the company way back in the summer of 2013. It was something that was provisionally put together, yet just seemed to stay as we got more and more busy.

We wanted our new look to feel more like a stamp of approval and the logo needed to be strong and impactful. We decided to mix together a few elements to create the new logo. It of course needed our CR6 name within it, but this time we thought it needed to feel more together so we decided to go down a more geometric route. After a few brainstorming sessions we decided it had to have a tight lock up and went for strong angles to make up the CR6.

Working with a few grids we figured out that 36 degrees was our magic number, which just so happens to be divisible by 6. We then developed a way to put the characters of CR6 into shapes that formed a icon that looks similar to a pencil, which narrates to make a mark, to draw and be creative.

To introduce our new brand we have put together a short logo sting. Enjoy!

We have lots of very exciting in house projects coming up over the next few months as we start to change the way we work at RoomCR6. We believe in a 50/50 client work and self initiated balance, with both sides of work complementing each other in our processes. We are constantly looking to better ourselves and take RoomCR6 to the next level, thus working on bigger projects and collaborating with more people continuously.

We hope you like the new look of RoomCR6 and look forward to some exciting projects and collaborations we are working on right now. We will be releasing a further branding breakdown so make sure to keep an eye out over at our social network pages: and