Join Up & Stand Out

Motion Graphics & Animation Illustration still 01 - RoomCR6
Motion Graphics & Animation Illustration still 02 - RoomCR6
Motion Graphics & Animation Illustration still 03 - RoomCR6

Project Description

After seeing Rutger’s work, a Dutch illustrator based in Amsterdam, on Instagram we got in touch to discuss a possible collaboration and animation project. Join Up & Stand Out is the result of us coming together and working remotely.

The concept behind this piece is to illustrate how the design & creative community are able to come together and create pieces of work no matter where in the world they are. Whether you are from London, Amsterdam, New York or even Rio De Janeiro the internet brings us all together and the tools we have today make collaboration a seamless process.

Featured in ComputerArts Issue 259 – November 2016

Join Up & Stand Out - Motion graphics project featured in ComputerArts

Project Details

  • Client: Self-initiated
  • Tasks: Concept & Animation
  • Collaborator: Rutger Paulusse (Illustration)
  • Website:

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