OFFF Festival – Day 2

Welcome to a bright and sunny morning in Barcelona and our day 2 round up of talks we attended at OFFF Festival 2015. Day 2 kicked off with a strong cup of coffee and what was to be an inspiring & packed itinerary of talks.

Hush Studios

The day started off with Jodi Terwilliger from Hush Studios taking the stage. Hush Studios is a creative powerhouse that uses design to create value, build recognition and enact change for the world’s most innovative companies.



Jodi delivered an excellent talk about not only what drives Hush Studios to produce their incredible work but also classed design as a mental illness, an illness that drives creatives to produce great work, that creates order and that helps fuel innovation. He explained how Hush Studios moved on from being a motion graphics house to a wider and broader experimental agency exploring experiential design processes and also how the creation of self initiated projects helped fuel commercial projects.


weareseventeen is an award winning team of directors, designers, thinkers and animators with a specialism in moving image work for brands and advertisers.


They covered the frustrations of working as a designer and the constant competition of not only creative work but that of social media, with people constantly sharing how great their lives are etc. As a studio project they produced a great short animation that highlights this issue – Mr Selfie.

Also shared was some of the incredible work that weareseventeen have been producing over the last few months and one of the highlights was the piece they produced for Spark.

And finally they showed the audience the self initiated project that began as a sketching exercise and eventually developed into weareseventeen’s first short film – Infinite Horizon. This short is based on the idea of The Overview Effect. The overview Effect is described as the experience of seeing the earth from a cosmic perspective for the first time. Seen with all its wonderful textures and colours living under a paper thin atmosphere that protects all that lives there from the harshness of space.


Territory Studios

The powerhouse that is Territory Studios enlightened the audience next with their incredible portfolio of blockbuster films they have worked on over the last 5 years including Prometheus, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers: Age of Ultron.



Territory Studios, primarily a motion graphic studio, specialise in UI design within science fiction films. They went into great depth about the amount of detail they go into making every pixel perfect screen regardless of whether it would appear in forefront of a scene or the back of a shot blurred out.

Joshua Davis

We had a chill out session and met the incredible Joshua Davis whilst visiting his audiovisual installation – Deepest of Space – #OfffDeepSpace15! The installation used a public Spotify playlist along with Processing to produce a live and reactive, fully immersive 3D experience. This was achieved using ChromaDepth 3D paper glasses which helped bring the visualisation to life and off of the flat 2D surface.

Joshua Davis was really excited to explain his work and to show us how he had set up the Processing code, Madmapper and also gave us an extremely detailed break down of how the ChromaDepth 3D paper glasses worked. Thanks Joshua!

Here is an example of the visual display… Enjoy.


The legend that is Sagmeister headlined Day 2 and was defiantly the most anticipated talk of the day. Sagmeister took a slightly different approach to his talk and provided the OFFF audience with a lecture on modernism and beauty. He discussed the current state of design and the fact that we are currently over simplifying certain products, buildings and designs to a point where it becomes less engaging and interesting to a user. Yes, function is still more important than form however, it is human nature to be more engaged by something that looks beautiful and functions as expected, was one of his key points.


We are definitely looking forward to meeting and hearing from Sagmeister again in the future and suggest that all designers should take any opportunity to see him live that they can, he is a truly inspirational design legend!