OFFF Festival – Day 1

After months of excitement the day has finally come! We have arrived at our very first OFFF and it is nothing short of incredible. The atmosphere is buzzing, the beards are out in force, the coffee is flowing and the weather is beautiful.

OFFF festival is a yearly round of up of some of motion graphic and digital design’s heavy weights, with the likes of GMUNK, Territory studios, Future Deluxe, AKQA and Stephen Sagmeister to name a few presenting and discussing their work and the latest trends.

This is now the 15th year OFFF has been running and it has attracted over 3,000 visitors – all we can say is you have to be here next year!!

Day one kicked off with the opening titles – why is this an interesting or important point you may ask? Well, it is an OFFF tradition that every year that they commission an artist or agency to produce a creative and visually stunning piece of motion work to welcome the crowd to the festival.

This year Atelier were tasked with the job and they produced an incredible piece of work that followed a modern poetic internal monologue inspired by the Greek playwrights Euripides and Sophocles, the British philosopher Alan Watts and the American writer Henry Miller.

OFFF Festival 2015 Opening Titles


First up we had Atelier on stage, who not only produced this year’s opening titles but also worked along side with MASMACHOS to create the entire OFFF15 campaign. The whole team were on stage to give the audience a full breakdown of the entire campaign, behind the scenes of the opening titles and the teasers produced.



Vallée Duhamel

Next up we joined in and listened to Vallée Duhamel, a studio founded by Julien Vallée and Eve Duhamel. The studio creates images and videos for a wide range of clients from events to commercials, music, fashion, posters, magazines and objects. Vallée Duhamel specialises in high quality, lo-fi, and often handmade visuals and installations, and favours a playful and experimental approach toward work.


We were simply blown away by their high quality, li-fi approach. Seriously have a look at their website and the amazing advert they produced for samsung.

Post Panic

Next up came Post Panic, the guys behind the ambitious philosophical science-fiction proof-of-concept short Sundays. They showed us the film and also provided and insight into the behind the scenes, some difficulties they encountered and also had an audience Q&A session.


They also went on to reveal something big and surprised the audience with the official announcement of their collaboration with the incredible Ash Thorp, a new and upcoming short film – Lostboy. The OFFF crowd were treated to a few sneak peeks at some concept art and the basic premise behind the film, also we all received a couple posters promoting it.


Jon Burgerman

The surprise talker of the day for us was definitely Jon Burgerman. We had never heard of him before however, he took to the stage like a pro and was the most entertaining talker of the day. He started off in a unconventional way by going over some of his recent failures and then explained his way of approaching work, basically don’t worry what others think, keep trying and keep making mistakes and failing.



The most anticipated talk of the night went to the final speaker, GMUNK. The art director with years of experience gave the audience his 8 pearls of wisdom, indulging us all in his process and insights of both his work and career over the years. He touched on a number of projects he worked on, collaborations with Bot and Dolly, Adobe, Adidas to name a few. He also enlighten the audience with some pretty funny behind the scenes of his projects, showing the kinds of antics that goes on onset.



His charismatic charm and approach to the talk was a delight to watch, we were also shown sneak previews of two of his projects that are still to be released to the public, unfortunalty we can’t say much more than that it was some incredible work, some of the best motion projects we have seen and we will for sure be showcasing it on our next motion round up.

That’s it for our day one adventures at OFFF15. We will be posting another blog post tomorrow with day two’s action.