Motion Graphics Round Up 2

So we are back again for another Motion Graphics round up and we have some pretty tasty videos for you all to enjoy.

Sundays VFX Breakdown

We already had a look at the very talented Post Panic’s latest short film Sundays last week. But this time around they released a very interesting VFX breakdown of the film. The breakdown shows just how much detail went into the production, especially when it came to matte paintings for all the backgrounds. We also get some wireframe insight into the 3D models they used for the film, pre textured and isolated. We really get to see the polish and finish that went into bringing it together and creating the masterpiece it is. You can check out more from Post Panic over at


Honda – Keep Up

The latest advert from Honda features their new range of cars in a very imaginative way. Ad giants Wieden and Kennedy were tasked with coming up with a new advert for Honda, as they have many times before, with the great success of the Honda Hands series, and worked together with the power house of motion graphics, Man vs MAchine. The advert features a very slick production where the viewer must read accompanying text from the scene very quickly, and get progressively faster throughout the advert. The mixture of visuals, getting the viewer involved, and amazing sound design means for a very immersive advert. The cherry on of the cake is that they actually made a few of these same adverts, each getting faster and faster for the viewer to read, so make sure to watch through all the way to the end of the video. You can check out more amazing creative work from Wieden and Kennedy over at


F5 2015 – Entangle

F5 festival is a yearly event that brings together creators from all over the world to look at new art, design and technology. The titles are always a delight to watch and they have done it again this year with this new piece. The theme for this year was ‘love’, therefore Buck Studios decided to make this wonderful video where a male and female figure meet in a void of darkness. The two figures get closer and closer together, with an end result of them becoming entangled. The wax and shiny look really embodies the love and sexually tension between them both, and overall works for a slick and powerful animation that really comes alive. You can check out more work from studio Buck over at



This last piece is a very simple look at some analogue experiments with gravity. Clemens Wirth is a very talented visual 3D artist. This piece features some abstract and inanimate objects made in a 3D space that react very well to the impressive sound design by Radium Audio. The physics simulations used are impressive and make for a piece that puts you in a state of trance once you start watching. The lighting/modelling and texturing is done to a high quality, with some scenes looking very photogenic, making the piece really come to life. You can check out more work from studio Buck over at Clemens Wirth over at


Thats it for this week and we hope you enjoyed all the videos, we will be back soon to cover all the best motion graphic videos on the web soon. Keep updated by heading over to our twitter and following us