Motion Graphics Round Up 1

Theres been some amazing motion graphic videos all over the web in the last couple of weeks, so we thought why not do a little round up of all our favourite ones.

OFFF Quebec 2015 Titles by Jean-Paul Frenay

Kicking off our first pick is the OFFF Quebec 2015 Titles by Jean-Paul Frenay. OFFF curates many events over the calendar year from all parts of the world, and it is a place for artists and creators to gather and network, along with presentations, workshops and screenings. The titles for all these events are always very interesting, and Frenay was sure to keep that up with this beautiful piece. Check out more of his work here



The next motion graphics video pick is by Mischa Rozama and produced by Post Panic Pictures. This proof of concept film is incredibly well done, as it is set in the future and has all the beginnings of a smashing science fiction film. The VFX and motion graphics is especially astonishing as it features some amazing environment builds and matte paintings. You can see more from the guys over at


Time Couch

Time Couch is a very interesting youtube video for you can actually interact with it? Youtube recently abled users to be to upload VR content which means that viewers can change the camera angle they are looking at in that particular video. Creator Brandon J Laatsch shot the video using special VR cameras, which cover all angles at 360 degrees. Normally 5 cameras all facing outwards than your standard one, then he used software to stitch all the angles together. This meant you can seamlessly move your picture viewer around to see the full environment. Check out more of Brandon’s work here


Adidas Climachill

Addidas’s latest advert for their active cooling sportswear, was art directed by Bradley G Munkowitz, known as G Munk. G Munk is known for his slick and intricate art direction and showed just that on this new advert as we see some very detailed motion graphics. The use of particle animations as sweat and amazing dynamic systems to create individual strings of the T shirt on the footballer ties in well with the dark gritty look of Addidas’s campaign. We figure there was an immense amount tracking and compositing for this piece and its a real piece of eye candy for any motion designer. Check out G Munk’s portfolio here


That is all for this now, however we will be back in the next few weeks with our regular fortnightly update, pulling together all the coolest videos we discover on the web.