Motion Capture Exhibition Research

For the last couple months we have been planning and exploring some ideas for a motion capture exhibition we are looking to set up later in the year. Our primary focus is to use motion capture techniques and output a digital visual display of the captured motion. Although this process is nothing new and has been done before we have come up with a special twist that will most definitely make things very exciting, however we won’t be sharing too much more detail on this until we are ready to roll out the display, let’s call it ‘Dramatic Suspense’ for now.

In the mean time we thought we would wet your visual appetites and show some of our recent research ventures to give a general idea of the direction we are planning on heading towards.

RoomCR6 Research Post Image

Universal Everything & You, Science Museum London

Living in London most certainly has its perks and the vast richness of the Museums at our disposal is a fantastic starting point for any creative project, especially when we manage to find a display that is based on very similar techniques in which we are exploring. Meet the Universal Everything & You exhibition set up by the art and designs collective Universal Everything and commissioned by Virgin Media Studio. The digital installation consists of two displays, 1000 Hands and Presence, and is open freely to public until the 7th February 2014.

1000 Hands utilises a custom-made smartphone app and allows visitors to create and submit their own artwork that is then projected onto multiple screens.

However it is the second display, Presence, which really ties in with our project. Presence is a motion captured performance piece that is the results of collaboration between Universal Everything and LA Dance Project. The dancers have their dance routine captured with digital sensors and then Universal Everything work their magic and output a visual piece where the dancers wear evolving digital costumes. The results are stunning, captivating and are a must see live experience, however we’ve put together a short video to give you a general idea and feel of the artwork.

RoomCR6 Research Post Image

RoomCR6 Research Post Image

We definitely recommend that you visit the Science Museum and have a look at this great work and don’t forget to keep an eye out for our updates, as we’ll be letting you know our progress and dates of our exhibition. The easiest way to stay up to date is follow the RoomCR6 Twitter account or like RoomCR6 on Facebook.