Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays

It has been an incredible 2014 for us and we would like to give a massive thank you and happy holidays to everybody that we’ve met and worked with. If we have not worked with you yet, then we sure will be in the new year! In the mean time enjoy your mince pies, glasses of sherry and plenty of food as you take a well deserved rest until 2015.



Oh, before we forget, we are building a brand spanking new website to be launched in January, which will showcase all of our recent work along with some very exciting collaborations we have in store. We can’t wait to share all this and more with you in 2015. Things are going to be changing a fair amount but not to worry, its all for the better, as we strive to take RoomCR6 to new leaps and bounds for the coming year. So look out for all current events on our social network pages on Twitter and Facebook.