London Design Festival 2014

So it’s that time of year again, where we sadly have to say bye bye to the London Design Festival 2014. This years event was impressively jam packed with incredible art and design from all corners of earth. Both Paul and myself had been extremely lucky to be apart of the festival last year, but Paul was at it again this year as he was chosen to exhibition at Ideas Tap.

Ideas Tap gave creative graduates an opportunity to exhibit in the London Design Festival and therefore ran a competition to do so. Winners would be chosen out of their final university projects and would win incredible mentoring session with Shane Walter from the digital collaborative One Dot Zero. Paul won an impressive 3rd place with his final project from last year and is looking forward to his session now.

This year, we also had our first visit to Tent London in the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in East London. The exhibition was filled with amazing pieces of work from all over the globe and all practises of art and design. The exhibition featured a majority of professional artists and studios, with some impressive new interactive design that caught our eye. Especially an installation we found from Japanese collective Amana Apart. The installation featured static portraits of woodlands and forests which came alive through augmented reality as you would view the pieces through an app on an ipod. The mixture between analogue, photography and interactive art was amazing and had certainly created a lot of hype, for the queues where very long to experience the installation.


But what really caught our eye this year the most was The Cass School of Design stand on the top floor. We were so proud to see our past university shine on such a grand stage at the London Design Festival. We felt doing so gave The Cass amazing exposure not only for the talented young graduates, but the school as well, just once again showing everyone why they are in our opinion and many others, at the top for Art and Design in the country. We hope they continue to show their excellence of their students on various big festivals throughout the year.


One graduate who we could not forget to especially point out was our talented close friend Korinna Mei. Korinna is an excellent illustrator and graphic designer, of which we have worked with in the past for our Movember animation last year. Her work in the festival this year featured her project LDN 2050, which is based on a futuristic city of where London is an independent state. “The nine illustrations, printed using risograph technique, create an open-ended narrative that aims to excite the viewer’s imagination and encourage them to create their own version of LDN in the year 2050”. Make sure to check out her portfolio, as we hope to be working with her soon again.

Korinna Cass

To wrap things up, this years London Design Festival was an eye opening and aspiring event. We can only look forward to next year and hope to continue being part of it for years to come.