Happy 1st Birthday RoomCR6!


Pull out the party hats and cake! It’s incredibly been a year since RoomCR6 have been up and running and we cannot believe how the past 12 months have gone. It was only a year ago we set out to start a company, as we really just wanted to do things in our own way. Working together on projects for a year previous to RoomCR6, Paul and myself already had a strong work partnership and we thought it was only right to join forces and set out on this amazing journey we are on.

Birthdayhats Final02From working with a range of clients, to designers and fellow creatives, we have been very lucky and successful to have a good community around us that have kept us going and will continue to for many years to come. We have found out more about ourselves and our work than ever before, and I can defiantly say I have had the most amazing and knowledge filled year of my life. From the talks to the exhibitions, to having our work shown on the grandest of stages worldwide, there is no doubt in saying we are slowly becoming big hitters on the scene. Yet we still know we have a lot of work to do, as we are only in the baby steps of the journey.

So what is in the future for RoomCR6? Well, we have a number of big collaborations to commence in the coming year, and some incredible new in house projects we are working on. The aim for the next year is to no doubt expand the company and its capacity. We are looking into new talent for the new year, along with exploring new avenues of design we have never touched before. We sadly can’t give much away right now, but all will become clear soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Lets just say we are really going to be pushing the boundaries this next year, so it should be all very interesting.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us, worked with us, and met with over the past year, we look forward to keeping connected. And now, we must celebrate! thank you and goodnight.