Digital Revolution

Not too long ago, we visited the Barbican Centre to attend the Digital Revolution exhibition taking place. It was a highly anticipated event for us, for it featured a very wide range of amazing interactive digital and analogue art. The exhibition was in celebration of all things digital, from old retro gaming, to modern movie magic and amazing interactive modern art. The exhibitors list featured a number of artists and collectives, all working in collaboration to create such a display.

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The beauty of having the exhibition at the Barbican as well is the vast space it has to offer. Therefore you will be able to get lost in this totally immersive experience. There are several rooms set up to capture different stages of interactive and digital art in history, and you can navigate one to another in your own time, soaking up the wide range of art. We oddly found that not only are you a viewer of the art itself, but a viewer of others interacting with all the different installations. I think this is because of the variance in how different individuals interact, compared to yourself. Interactive art is a two way response compared to traditional art, you become it rather than just view it.

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Along with viewing the exhibition, we went to a very nice table talk evening with some of the collaborators that were exhibiting. The night was a brilliant insight into not only the reasoning of why the exhibitors set up their art here, but also just a background into why they make interactive art. Interactive art is still fairly new and not taken seriously enough in the “tradition” art world it seems sadly. But in all honestly, we learnt from the evening that this wasn’t an issue as some may think. Maybe, the separation leaves these creators to stay away from stigmas that the pretentious world of art has. To pretty much do whatever they want to, purely because they love it, and want to have fun.

We share this same thought process here at RoomCR6, and the entire event and the talk was all in all just more motivation for us, as we partake in this world of interactive and digital art. We have many plans for a lot of interesting stuff coming your way, so keep them eyes peeled. If you want to visit Digital Revolution, you still can, as it finishes on the 14th of September and we highly recommend it for anyone.

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