D&AD New Blood 2014

Not too long along, we recently visited the D&AD New Blood 2014 exhibition down at The Spitalfield’s Market in east London. The New Blood Show exhibits the best talent from Universities around the country, and is an opportunity to let the new talent put themselves and their work out there on such a grand stage. Many of the students from the universities had partaken in this years D&AD student competitions, therefore the exhibition had a lot of awards and accolades to offer.

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We decided to go to the exhibition for a few reasons this year. One was just to check out what the next generation of talent had to offer. As artists and creatives, we at RoomCR6 think its extremely important to keep on top of all thats happening in the design world, whether that is the current trends, companies, or new artists coming through the ranks, we like to stay on top of things. Also being so local to us, we really wanted to just go along and see some great new artwork, and mingle a little with both students and fellow industry partners. Below are just a few pieces of outstanding work we came across. The one on the left is by Ivan Katsarov, and the one on the right by Lewis Bartlett.


Most importantly although, we went to the D&AD New Blood exhibition to find some new talent for RoomCR6. We strongly believe in young, fresh new talent and are always looking to help out the new wave of designers for this amazing industry we work in. The show gave us the amazing opportunity to go around to all students and find out a little about themselves as well rather then just see their work. We find very often that when scouting new talent, we only see most candidates work and their online persona. Rather than actually be able to talk to them face to face and find out exactly who they are and what they want to do. The RoomCR6 way of finding new talent for our growing team is more of a conversation than a grilling, which is traditional for most businesses looking for new staff. We want them to ask us as many questions as we ask them.

The D&AD have always been amazing at helping out the design industry, and the New Blood show was exceptionally special, for it gave young talent a stage to step on to be noticed. In the near future, we as a company really want to be able to help out in D&AD proceedings as much as possible, weather it be third party input like we were doing this time around, or actually part of the D&AD team, as many companies and industry creatives are currently doing. We look forward to next years event, and all the connections we made over this last event.