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Digital Revolution

Not too long ago, we visited the Barbican Centre to attend the Digital Revolution exhibition taking place. It was a highly anticipated event for us, for it featured a very wide range of amazing interactive digital and analogue art. The exhibition was in celebration of all things digital, from old retro gaming, to modern movie magic and amazing interactive modern art. The exhibitors list featured a number of artists and collectives, all working in collaboration to create such a display.

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D&AD New Blood 2014

Not too long along, we recently visited the D&AD New Blood 2014 exhibition down at The Spitalfield’s Market in east London. The New Blood Show exhibits the best talent from Universities around the country, and is an opportunity to let the new talent put themselves and their work out there on such a grand stage. Many of the students from the universities had partaken in this years D&AD student competitions, therefore the exhibition had a lot of awards and accolades to offer.

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The Cass Final Degree Show

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited back to our old university to hand out some of our very own awards at the Cass final year show for students. The Cass is the creative arts side of London Metropolitan University, the university both myself and Paul went to. This was an amazing experience for us both, for the degree show at the Cass has been special to us. It showcases the best talent and work for all the final year students, giving them an amazing opportunity to be able to exhibit their work on such a grand stage, preparing them for the industry when they graduate.

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The Show R&B Superstars Motion Graphics Piece

The Show R&B Superstars – Motion Graphic Animations

RoomCR6 were commissioned to create a promotional motion graphic animation for ‘The R & B Superstars” show, held at the Wembley arena. The first motion graphic piece was produced back in September 2013 and was created to promote the upcoming show in November 2013. We were then commissioned to do another piece to help promote the following show which took place in February 2014. Not only was the second motion graphic piece shown on the big screens on either side of the stage at the Wembley arena during the live show in November in front of a crowd of over 11,000, but it was also used as an online promotion piece. This was an amazing opportunity for us to see our work on such a grand stage.

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Motion Capture Exhibition Research

For the last couple months we have been planning and exploring some ideas for a motion capture exhibition we are looking to set up later in the year. Our primary focus is to use motion capture techniques and output a digital visual display of the captured motion. Although this process is nothing new and has been done before we have come up with a special twist that will most definitely make things very exciting, however we won’t be sharing too much more detail on this until we are ready to roll out the display, let’s call it ‘Dramatic Suspense’ for now.

In the mean time we thought we would wet your visual appetites and show some of our recent research ventures to give a general idea of the direction we are planning on heading towards.

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New RoomCR6 Website

To start off the new year we at RoomCR6 have been busy working away behind the scenes not only on our 2014 showreel but also our shiny, brand new website. Our previous website was built with a fun and nifty bit of parallax effects however we felt this, although enjoyable to play with, didn’t serve our needs or the needs of our clients and potential clients.

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