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OFFF 2017 Round Up

Another year and another OFFF festival for RoomCR6. We were really excited to be heading back to sunny Barcelona to attend the yearly OFFF festival which brings together some of the top creative talent from across the globe. As always we have come back fully refreshed and inspired by some great talks.

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Adobe — CreativeMeetup London 2016

We were invited to this year’s Adobe London CreativeMeetup which featured some great speakers including Dan Germain — the head of brand at Innocent Drinks, Marylou Faure — an incredibly talented freelance illustrator & art director and lastly, but by no means least, Tom Anders Watkins — a 21 year old multi-disciplined advertising creative.

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OFFF Festival 2016 – Barcelona

Another year has past and we were lucky enough to attend another OFFF festival in the sunny city of Barcelona. Spread over 3 days, OFFF festival is held at the beautiful Disseny Hub Barcelona, attracts thousands of local and international designers from all backgrounds and brings together some of the design industry’s top talent to share their knowledge, experiences, work and inspire the audience.

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Spero – Breakdown

We recently released our latest project, Spero for Cancer, and we thought it would great to give you guys some background on the project and how we came about to working on it.

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RoomCR6 2015 Rebrand

Things looking different? It’s finally here!!

We have been quietly working away in the studio over the last month on the 2015 rebrand of RoomCR6. We decided to revamp our look this past summer and took our time to create a new brand that we felt covered the essence of RoomCR6.

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OFFF Festival – Day 3

The third and final day came really quickly and had the promise of the main titles, an OFFF Festival highlight every year. This year’s main titles were created by the incredibly talented folks over at Onesize and the awesome James White aka Signalnoise (more on them later in the post).

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OFFF Festival – Day 2

Welcome to a bright and sunny morning in Barcelona and our day 2 round up of talks we attended at OFFF Festival 2015. Day 2 kicked off with a strong cup of coffee and what was to be an inspiring & packed itinerary of talks.

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OFFF Festival – Day 1

After months of excitement the day has finally come! We have arrived at our very first OFFF and it is nothing short of incredible. The atmosphere is buzzing, the beards are out in force, the coffee is flowing and the weather is beautiful.

OFFF festival is a yearly round of up of some of motion graphic and digital design’s heavy weights, with the likes of GMUNK, Territory studios, Future Deluxe, AKQA and Stephen Sagmeister to name a few presenting and discussing their work and the latest trends.

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Interactive Art Round Up 02

We are back for another Interactive Art Round up this week, and we have some amazing and interesting projects from some designers and creative coders.

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RoomCR6 UX & UI Animation round up 01

UX and UI Animations Round up 01

User Experience and User Interface design has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the late 70s and early 80s with the introduction of Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

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Interactive Art Round Up 01

Of late we have been exploring and really getting into interactive art, so to keep our creative juices flowing we will be blogging some of our favourite pieces in a interactive art round up.

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Motion Graphics Round Up 1

Theres been some amazing motion graphic videos all over the web in the last couple of weeks, so we thought why not do a little round up of all our favourite ones.

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Digital & Interactive Art Experimentation

Over the last few months we have been exploring interactive & digital art here at RoomCR6 (#CR6labs) using a combination of Xbox Kinect and the programming language Processing. In this blog post we discuss some of our experiments, offer a quick glimpse into what we’ve been up to in the studio via a mini showreel and will also be giving away free downloads of three Sketches we have been playing with.

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RoomCR6 2015 New Website

After weeks of designing and development, it’s finally here! The brand spanking new RoomCR6 website, full of all of our latest projects and adventures. The redesign was something we have been talking about for some time now, and as the turn of this new year came about, we thought why not. The new website gives us the opportunity to really show the going ons of RoomCR6, with both our commercial work and self initiated.

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Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays

It has been an incredible 2014 for us and we would like to give a massive thank you and happy holidays to everybody that we’ve met and worked with. If we have not worked with you yet, then we sure will be in the new year! In the mean time enjoy your mince pies, glasses of sherry and plenty of food as you take a well deserved rest until 2015.

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Freelance Digital Designers?

Just a quick little announcement from us, we are on the look out for some new talent to join our team. We are currently looking for any Junior London based freelance digital designers to work with us on some very exciting projects we have on right now and in the pipeline. So if that sounds like a space you can fill, why not pop us an email over at

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Happy 1st Birthday RoomCR6!


Pull out the party hats and cake! It’s incredibly been a year since RoomCR6 have been up and running and we cannot believe how the past 12 months have gone. It was only a year ago we set out to start a company, as we really just wanted to do things in our own way. Working together on projects for a year previous to RoomCR6, Paul and myself already had a strong work partnership and we thought it was only right to join forces and set out on this amazing journey we are on.

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London Design Festival 2014

So it’s that time of year again, where we sadly have to say bye bye to the London Design Festival 2014. This years event was impressively jam packed with incredible art and design from all corners of earth. Both Paul and myself had been extremely lucky to be apart of the festival last year, but Paul was at it again this year as he was chosen to exhibition at Ideas Tap.

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