The Cass Final Degree Show

A couple of weeks ago, we were invited back to our old university to hand out some of our very own awards at the Cass final year show for students. The Cass is the creative arts side of London Metropolitan University, the university both myself and Paul went to. This was an amazing experience for us both, for the degree show at the Cass has been special to us. It showcases the best talent and work for all the final year students, giving them an amazing opportunity to be able to exhibit their work on such a grand stage, preparing them for the industry when they graduate.

hash and paul

So once we knew we had some awards to hand out, we had to start thinking about what they would be. After a lot of consideration, we decided to hand out awards judged on the students abilities to use a range of skills and mediums in their final work. The RoomCR6 ethos has always been this adaptive, cross skilled way of work. So we decided to hand out the RoomCR6 Multidisciplinary Award.

So once we had our award in mind, we had to think about how to go about with the judging. We came to the conclusion that we would have 5 shortlists, which gave us the chance to pick 5 students in the running for our prizes. First place would get £100, then second a Wacom Bamboo tablet. To make sure the 3 runner ups don’t go home empty handed, we made sure to hand out certificates to them as well. Along with picking students for the running of the prizes, we knew we would want to commend others who really caught our eye. So we went with also handing out highly commended tags.


It then came to the day of the private view, along with the judging a few hours earlier before the opening. We honestly thought it would take an hour or so to get our shortlists down, but somehow ventured onto taking over 4 hours?! I think the main reason was that the level of work was incredible, and the high standard made it hard to nail down only 5 shortlists. Regardless, we got through it and had made our final picks. So we went on with the private view which was an amazing night for both the students and public as well.

A couple days after the opening of the exhibition, the presentation evening came around. We had made our minds up on both winners and had to present them the awards on stage in front of an audience of fellow industry professionals, tutors and the heads of the university. The night was an amazing success as we both went up on stage to give our lucky winners their awards and give a brief speech. As well as giving the audience an intro of who we are and what we do, I made sure to make a strong point on the reason why we actually decided to come back and hand out awards.

We were sadly the only Alumni to come back, yet we did it because of how far we have come since leaving university last year. We both had been at the very same final year exhibition 12 months ago and also had received Best in show awards. RoomCR6 started out of The Cass and we knew we had to come and give back. As Alumni we think it is mandatory to never forget where you came from, where you started. To keep the next generation of designers and creatives strong and inspired. I personally truly believe that mine and Paul’s story and journey over the last 12 months is something all current students should look at. Look at as an example of hard work and achieving whatever you want, you dreams and accolades. Especially considering we only left last year, the quick turn around is something to be noted of.

aston Martin

Off the back of being judges we were invited to a VIP champagne and Catwalk show at Aston Martin in Park Lane. Courtesy of Charlotte Gorse, the head of the Cass design school, we had an amazing opportunity to mingle with fellow Cass partners and enjoy an amazing catwalk show to display final year students jewellery work. Overall the experience of coming back was incredible and humbling for us both. We most definitely want to be doing the awards for many coming years and have expressed strongly we would love to stay in touch and help out with The Cass as much as we could.