About Us

We formed RoomCR6 after we found a mutual passion for digital design, motion graphics and 3D animation. Coming from diverse backgrounds we have accumulated the skills needed to produce engaging visual experiences for our clients, whether they are static or motion pieces, printed or interactive products we cover all bases.

As the world we live in now is quickly becoming digital we aim to make sure we produce work for our clients that is at the top level, making sure that it meets all of their needs, ambitions and targets.

We are also very keen on our inhouse projects which allows us to diversify our skills further and explore new and exciting techniques, technologies and practices.

Our passion, knowledge and creativity allows us to offer a quality service, that puts professionalism, attention to detail and design first, whilst ensuring your business goals are met every time.

Hash Kerai

With a background in Film and Production, Hash followed up his recent years of work in motion graphics and animation. He has a keen passion for visual imagery, and a major strength in 3D design and animation. Hash is always looking into new technology to better his work and keep on top of new trends, pushing the boundaries of his work.

Paul Stayt

Paul’s background started in print design and this has influenced his devotion to designing clean and easy to use digital products whilst always making sure that the form follows the function. This passion for clean design has pushed Paul’s motion graphics work to follow the same principles ensuring that each piece is easily understood by the viewer.

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